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KMC Control Panel v3.2.7 Released

KMC Control Panel v3.2.7 is now available. This release introduces several improvements and bug fixes.
The following is a complete list of changes included in KMC Control Panel v3.2.7:
New features
  • Added support for Google Maps API Keys and Client IDs
  • Added enable_http_ports script to automatically reconfigure KMC Control Panel's web interface to use ports 80 and/or 443
  • Update Let's Encrypt support with new Let's Encrypt licensing policy URL
  • Limit value ranges for crossfade and sample rate input fields
  • Remove sensor option in GMaps script tag
  • playlist_advanced event handler now receives 'trackid', 'playlistid', and 'playlist' arguments
  • IceCast source sample rate is now considered during state detection when bitrate is unset
  • getstatus API call now returns source IP address as sourceip when available
  • Update setssl script to preserve old Let's Encrypt configuration on failure
  • Update log rotator script to better handle non-web interface logs
  • Sorting accounts list by data xfer limit/disk quota now applies a secondary sort by usage as well
  • Upgrade to v5.6.25 (security update)
  • Fixed bug in which weekly/monthly/yearly scheduled playlists would not be played late if an earlier track played past end-of-day
  • Fixed regression breaking song title codes for Liquidsoap
  • Fixed incorrect permissions on newly-created ondemand directories
  • Fixed bug in which accounts-per-page preference might be lost under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug in which single-character SLDs wouldn't be accepted in email addresses
  • Fixed bug in display of "Other" in user agents pie chart
  • Fixed bug in which accounts-per-page preference might be lost under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug in which reusing reserved mount point names could cause duplicates in listener list
  • Fixed improper SSL context configuration in HTTP client code
  • Fixed regression affecting IceCast mount point names with extensions
  • Fixed bug in which playlist_advanced event hook might not be invoked
  • Fixed bug in which non-ASCII characters were stripped from arguments to event handler shell scripts
  • Fixed issue with unlimited fields
  • Fixed upgrade query issue
Changes from v3.2.6 (previously unannounced):
New features
  • Added SHOUTcast CDN support
  • DNAS2 directory listings errors are now shown in the client area
  • Added duration to Liquidsoap metadata to avoid miscalculation of queue length
  • Added extension to cover image filenames
  • Added additional progress notifications during backup restoration
  • Extend "backup file not found" error message with painfully explicit details for newbie convenience
  • KMC Control Panel's log rotater will no longer compete with DNAS2's
  • Listeners meter in client area now displays total listeners instead of main mount point listeners
  • New Liquidsoap mount points now default to 44100Hz
  • Update importer to convert zeroed date fields to strict-compatible values
  • Workaround for IceCast-kh issue causing 'Unknown' artist
  • Fixed regression in SoftwareApplication constructor
  • Fixed regression in staff authentication
  • Fixed regression in uncaught exception handler caused by XSS mitigation changes
  • Fixed regressions causing errors on IceCast listener report page
  • Fixed username issue with batch operations
  • Fixed window resize issue in headless browsers
  • Fixed IceCast bitrate calculation problem during live broadcasts
  • Fixed bug in which album name would be omitted from stream details widget if no album cover was on file
  • Fixed bug in which changes to URL in account settings would not be reflected in Liquidsoap settings
  • Fixed bug in which configured but unused IceCast mount points could cause duplicates in live listener list
  • Fixed bug in which empty but required directories would not be restored from backups
  • Fixed bug in which song request form would reject certain valid addresses
  • Fixed bug in which source.log would not be rotated for DNAS2 streams with NO_ROTATE_DNAS2 enabled
  • Fixed error when restoring backups without a target username
  • Fixed pathname issue when restoring backups with automatic usernames
  • Fixed potential issue with song requests with some MySQL database versions
  • Fixed regression caused by new IceCast status retrieval method
  • Fixed regression in account-created template display caused by earlier XSS fixes
  • Fixed regression in track selector which could cause occasional fallback to static playlist
  • Fix for CDN settings
For more information about KMC Control Panel, including screenshots, please visit the Klik Stream Media product page or contact a Klik Stream sales representative.