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KMC-Panel v3.2.2 Released

KMC Control Panel v3.2.2 is now available. This release includes a few new features and improvements plus a number of bug fixes.
The following is a complete list of changes included in KMC Control Panel v3.2.2:
New features
  • Added support for overselling data transfer and disk space
  • Added option to specify on a per-account basis the action for exceeding disk/transfer limits
  • Added metadata ignore feature allowing clients to exclude matching metadata strings from statistics
  • Added ASCAP music sessions metric to listener statistics
  • Added option to enable/disable SMTP TLS peer hostname verification
  • Dramatically improved statistics load time for high-volume streams
  • v2.2.x upgrade script now tests the PHP interpreter on the 2.x server
  • Allowed self-signed certificates during SMTPS peer verification
  • Disabled SMTP TLS peer hostname verification by default
  • Fixed several errors introduced by ionCube Encoder v9
  • Fixed error in jPlayer start page theme
  • Fixed API errors when using superuser staff accounts
  • Fixed bug in duplicate DJ username check
  • Fixed bug in which FDK-AAC/Opus could not be enabled by clients under certain scenarios
  • Fixed fatal error in album data source handler
  • Fixed potential warning when importing M3U files containing invalid characters
  • Fixed regression in raw config file editor
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